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Interviews & Podcasts

Fox and Friends with Michael and Lauren McAfee

June 23, 2019

Michael and Lauren join Fox and Friends hosts Jedediah Bila and Pete Hegseth to discuss their book Not What You Think. They hope to inspire millennials to read the Bible before judging it based on others’ opinions.

Greenelines Podcast by Dr. Steve Greene with Lauren McAfee and Michael McAfee

June 5, 2019

Dr. Steve Greene with Charisma News interviews Michael and Lauren McAfee on their book Not What You Think. In this episode, hear how Michael and Lauren’s new book invites Millennials and Gen Z to consider why the Bible might be nothing they expected, yet everything they need.

Lifeway: MARKED Podcast with Jackie Green and Lauren Green McAfee

April 22, 2019

With mother’s day just around the corner, Mary Margaret West and Elizabeth Hyndman interview Jackie Green and Lauren Green McAfee about motherhood. They talk about what it is, what it isn’t, and what to do when motherhood doesn’t look like what you expected.

Holy longing: The struggle with infertility

January 1, 2019

Infertility is one of the hardest things a couple can walk through, and it’s often experienced alone. It’s often misunderstood and others are fearful to address the subject. At the ERLC National Conference, Elizabeth Graham, Matt Arbo, Lauren McAfee, Nicole Lino, and Chelsea Sobolik used their personal and professional experience to encourage those walking through this struggle.